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Beauty Stalkr

Beauty Stalkr is a mobile application which looking for Make Up Artist (MUA). It’s working like you search driver on your riding mobile apps. It will find you some MUA on from any location.

For the first, you must create account and after this, when you need MUA, you must fill the blank form about your name, location, and your needs for event

Beauty Stalkr
Beauty Stalkr
Beauty Stalkr


Nowadays, people tend to like something practical. On the other hand, beauty especially make up is the most sought-after thing because people especially women always need MUA for their special day. That’s why Beauty Stalkr want to have MUA mobile apps to facilitate those. Those are also our challenge to build and representation Beauty Stalkr’s desire. How to build mobile apps that easy to use and mobile friendly so people feel helped by that application.

We started working with optimized the existing network such as using the latest system from Apple which can be more targeted to iOS users. Developed the mobile apps were our focus. We made an approach to the users by mobile friendly to access the service.

Beauty Stalkr mobile app has built and we still testing it to be the perfect mobile apps.


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