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Digital Marketing

The marketing service which use digital technology to spread your business in a digital platform. Digital marketing has a big impact for your ROI, increase your business reach, and also has an effective cost.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your business website on a first page search engine result with the best and related keyword, make people see your website and direct them to click into your website. Search Engine Optimization is an organic search (non-ads) which can influence the visibility of your website.

Google Ads

Advertising by Google which contain of two, there are:

a. Search Engine Marketing

It seems like SEO but you must pay because it is a paid advertising on a Google search engine. We have the best strategy to spread your campaign. You can use SEM to have a big reach that catch your potential audience.

b. Google Display Network

GDN allows you to display ads to millions of sites in the world. Google will help you to choose page or specific website which related to your business and also show your ads to connect to your audience in a whole world.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has the most potential users and you can run your campaign with social media ads which show on the feed. Social media user who related with your business audience will see your ads.

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