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Media Publication

Hamura Agency as a digital agency Jakarta, serve a media publication as a digital strategy to increase the quality of website company and also interest of internet user in digital era to assess and visit the website company or product in your company. Media publication become the right introduce some business or product from the company to people who digital user.

SMS Buzz

Introducing product to consumen is a must thing to do to every company. The introduce as the effort to spread the awareness to consumer about its product. One of the effective way to introduce products to consumer through short message (SMS). SMS

Buzz service will manage the ads content of products in an attractive way and improve relationship with consumers. Prepare an interesting content that will sent via SMS.

Email Buzz

Mostly people has email. Good for business and personal interests. Email not only as a regular sender message tool, but also as the sender of viral messages that make your company known to many people. With so many email users around the world, email buzz will immediately send content marketing of your business to email users. Through email blast, the business of your company will be acknowledge by target audiences and attract the interest of consumers quickly.

Social Media Buzz

Social media become something that must-have gadget users and connoisseurs of the internet today. Even the segmentation of the use of social media now becoming a necessity for the users of gadgets from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Line, Instagram, and others. This is add business opportunities for entrepreneurs to introduce their business quickly to the public through social media.

Media Placement

In this digital era, people won’t read a newspaper print out, so they move to digital platform which more flexible and practice. In that case, so we have to move into digital advertising like media placement, where we place the ads on the news online portal. You can call us to set media placement on the news online that you want to. Media placement can open up opportunities to reach more consumers.

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